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Iowa Cuts Tuition Grant

Budget cuts by the Iowa legislature have hit the Iowa Tuition Grant fund, reducing by $2 million the amount of money available to in-state students attending Iowa’s private colleges.

Dana College sells to for-profit corporation

After years of financial pressure, Dana College in Blair, NE will be sold to a newly created for-profit entity, the Dana Education Corporation. DEC has stated that it plans to maintain the tenure system (unusual in for-profit higher education).

Coalition on the Academic Workforce statement on staffing

The Coalition on the Academic Workforce has issued a statement calling for all faculty to be compensated fairly and to have an opportunity to participate in the institional life of their universities.

16 Groups Issue Call for Universities to Support Free Speech

The AAUP, ACLU, and other national bodies have issued a statement calling on universities to resist censorship prompted by threats of violence.

Letter to the Editor: Academic Freedom at NU

Among the many letters to the editor of the Lincoln Journal Star about the Regent's November 20th vote on an embryonic stem cell research policy, was one by Sarah Kelen on behalf of the Nebraska State Conference of the AAUP. The letter also appeared in the Omaha World Herald on the same day.

You can read it here; it's the third one on the page.

Ayers Addresses AFCON; Chaos DOES NOT Ensue

One year after the UNL administration cancelled a conference presentation by Prof. William Ayers, citing security concerns, Ayers addressed the annual meeting of AFCON at a meeting well-attended, but sparsely protested.

Liberty & Learning: Academic Freedom for Teachers and Students

Nebraska AAUP member David Moshman (Educational Psychology, UNL) has recently published Liberty & Learning: Academic Freedom for Teachers and Students (Heinemann, 2009).

Ayers to Speak at November AFCON meeting

One year after being "disinvited" by the UNL administration, William Ayers will speak in Nebraska at he fall meeting of the Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (AFCON).

AFCON drafts Student Free Expression Bill

The Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (AFCON) has drafted a Student Free Expression Bill for introduction in the Legislature. The purpose of this proposed bill is to protect students' and teachers' classroom speech from administrative censorship.

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