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LB 1001: proposal to repeal in state tuition for undocumented students


LB 1001, would repeal the provisions passed in 2006 that allow students who graduate from Nebraska high schools to pay in-state tuition at universities in Nebraska, regardless of their citizenship or residency status.

Contact Your NU Regent about Stem Cell Research


Regents Clare, Ferlic, Hawks, and Phares are attempting to limit stem cell research at the University of Nebraska. You can speak out against attempts to restrict scientific inquiry and academic freedom by contacting your elected regent.

New Oregon Law Gives Part-Time Faculty Access to Benefits


In June 2009, Oregon passed legislation requiring transparency about the use of part-time faculty, and giving part-time faculty at public institutions access to health coverage.

State Funding for Higher Education Continues to Fall in NE


In the 1980s, Nebraska's public universities received just over 20% of the state's annual budget. Today they receive under 15%. Tell your senator that post-secondary education is a public good!

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