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An Open Letter from University of Nebraska Faculty on Recent Attacks on Our Institution


(The following letter was formally submitted to the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska on December 5th, 2017.)

To the University of Nebraska Community:

Legislative Advocacy


It's important to stay connected with your Nebraska State Senator about issues of higher education policy. Stories and links will be added to this page as higher education issues come up in the legislature. The Education Committee of the State Legislature is responsible for all levels of education, from primary to post-secondary.

Campus Advocacy


A campus AAUP chapter can help faculty on your campus influence policies important to our collective work as scholars and teachers. See the Chapters/Contacts page for more information about finding your chapter or forming a new chapter.

Bowling Green State University Faculty to be Decimated


January 18, 2013, the Bowling Green State University administration announced plans to eliminate over 11% of their full-time faculty, while seeking also to raise the size of the student body by 6,000 students.

Click here to sign a petition against this plan.

Student Aid Alliance


The AAUP is one of seventy-five educational organizations that comprise the Student Aid Alliance, a group working to expand students’ access to higher education through increasing the opportunities for students to gain meaningful financial assistance toward the costs of higher education.

AAUP-NE reply to anti-faculty opinion essay


Julia Schleck and Sarah Kelen's Letter to the Editor of the Lincoln Journal Star in response to a "faculty are overpaid" op-ed column first reprinted from the Washington Post.

LB 397 and amendment 1116


Currently before the unicameral are LB 397 with pending amendment 1116, which seek to reduce public employees' collective bargaining rights. Read UNO AAUP's response, and contact your senator to voice your opinion.

David Moshman's Academic Freedom blog at Huffington Post


David Moshman (AAUP/AFCON) now has a Huffington Post blog dedicated to Academic Freedom issues.

Contact Congress about the "Keep Our Educators Working Act"


Congress is working on the Supplemental Appropriations bill. One item under discussion is the "Keep Our Educators Working Act." While this act targets many necessary areas (K-12 education, Pell Grants), it does not have any provisions to stop layoffs in higher education.

National AAUP FAQ on Financial Crisis


The National AAUP has put together a document to address Frequently Asked Questions as campuses face difficult decisions in the face of financial uncertainty. It is important for faculty to have a meaningful role in making budgetary decisions that will affect their ability to provide a good education to their students and to expand disciplinary knowledge through their research.

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